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Many content marketers publish their content on social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but there are other social networks not as commonly used that are worth the effort. One of the networks many people don’t think about is Flipboard. Flipboard was founded in 2010 and, although it has 100 million actively monthly users, it doesn’t get a lot of attention from content marketers. Flipboard is both an app and a website and allows users to choose topics and then flip though related headlines.

No mater the business they are trying to promote, content marketers should find their audience on Flipboard. The audience is split between millennials, baby boomers and Generation X. There is also a pretty even split between male and female users. Users are active in 196 countries.

In order to get some traction with Flipboard, there are some tips to follow. Many content marketers will just use the RSS feeds to submit content, but creating a strategy to use on Flipboard will help grow the audience. It’s important to keep in mind that the more engagement an article, gets the more it appears. Brands should have their own magazines that represent topics that interest their consumers. Brands need to flip through content and add their own content to help their following. For important content, use cover stories to highlight.

Consistency will help grow reach. Flipboard is like any other social network, and requires time and consistency in order to help grow the audience. Flip through stories and change up the cover stories in order to keep it up to date.

Since Flipboard uses headlines in order to grab attention, spending some time honing in on headlines will help more people see the content. Content that is very shareable does well on this network. While click-bait type articles do well, this doesn’t mean one should use this strategy to help share content. Instead, find headlines and topics that pique interest for a group of people.

Use diversified content. It’s not about just sharing news or telling stories. All types of content can be shared on Flipboard, so in order to get more people interested, include news from the industry and interest stories.

Users should share their Flipboard content on other social networks. There is a popular hashtag, #FlipboardFriday, that can be used on other social networks to promote the magazine that has been carefully created by the Flipboard user.