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Inbound marketing, if done correctly, can be incredibly more fruitful than outbound marketing. And as a bonus, it’s exponentially cheaper as well! There are many different devices on the internet to help you get started. Here are five of the best free tools.



As the leader of inbound marketing, it’s no wonder so many companies turn to HubSpot to help run their marketing and sales campaigns. With their sophisticated tracking software, Hubspot is able to effortlessly turn your visitors into leads, your leads into buyers, and your buyers to loyal customers. Their built-in analytics feature will help you create content and web pages that will attract traffic, all without having to be an IT guru. Due to how long they’ve been around, they know a little something about search engine optimization (SEO), too, which can help your company really take off.



This tool is built to help you create and execute an effective email marketing campaign. Giving you the ability to try different email templates, segment subscriber lists, and track all the moving parts of the email, you can uniquely design your campaign to have a more personal touch. This allows your emails to stand out against the plethora of “spam” emails your target audience is receiving on a daily basis.  


Google Analytics

Google Analytics will track all the metrics you could ever want to know about how your company sites are performing in the space. These sites include your company website, blog sites, and social media sites. Google Analytics will track the number of viewers, the number of pages someone visits during their time on your site, how long they were on your site, where your visitors are geographically located, and much, much more.



We all know the importance of social media during an inbound marketing campaign. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to devote only one day a week for all your social media activity and not have to worry about keeping up with it every day? Think of all that time you’ll save. Well I have good news my friend, Hootsuite makes that possible! With their intelligently designed dashboard, you’re able to consolidate your accounts onto one screen where you can then schedule posts, view replies, and interact and follow other accounts.



Digest this fun fact: WordPress powers over 44% of all the websites in the world. So why isn’t your company using it? You want your customers, loyal and prospective, to be able to find you. If you don’t have a website, you lose credibility. With WordPress’s easy to use interface, you can create new content, edit old posts, find a theme that aligns with your company’s profile, and design a layout that gives your users the best experience, all without having to be a technical expert.

Using these five tools, creating and executing your inbound marketing campaign will be a breeze!